Can't log in PiwikPRO site inspector

I need to install the PiwikPro site inspector. I add the extension in Chrome but when I try to login to use it, I was redirect to (instead of where, if I insert my account credentials, they are clearly not valid.

Anyone have the same problem and find some solutions?

Hi Marzia!

Could you share with me:

  • URL of the site on which the heatmap was implemented
  • your Piwik PRO account/instance name

in a private message? This way I’ll be able to debug the issue :slight_smile:.

@MarziaVisionbox remember to run the extension when being on your website, instead of in your Piwik PRO UI - probably an improvement could be added to automatically redirect in such a case

I hope it helps, cheers!


Thanks for the suggestion!
Solved the problem! Didn’t accept some permission on Cookiebot.