Can't authorize Site Inspector


I am trying to use Site Inspector for the first time. When I try to authorize it in Chrome I notice it sends me to Analytics Suite - Take control of your data**

When entering the credentials to the main account it says they are not correct, but they are. I suspect this is because it is and not my instances link, could that be? Upon changing the beginning of the URL to my own instance the link 404s.

Thanks for any help. The corresponding tag is setup and is fired through debugger. But I wanted to see actual screen footage through the extension.

Hi Sebastian,
Can you provide me with your account’s name so we can troubleshoot in detail?


the instance is with We are using the Core Version as we just started to explore PIWIK.

Thanks for a prompt reply!
Let me take it with our developers now. I’ll get back to you as soon as I have the answer.

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Hi Sebastian, missed one key question :slight_smile: What is the page you want to inspect?

Hi Tymek :slight_smile: ,

for instance the start page IT-Systemhaus - Göppingen, Geislingen - IT-Kompass
Debugger shows event is sent. But Chrome extension always sends me to authorization page that I can not log into. (while I am logged into my instance with the very same browser window)

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Hi Sebastian,
we’ve tested it on our end and it all seems to be working fine. Is it possible that our container might have not been installed on your page before?
What I suggest is:

  1. Log out from all Piwik PRO instances except your Core one
  2. Click on the Site Inspector icon → Options → Log out from all Piwik PRO accounts
  3. Refresh the page you want to inspect
  4. Open the Site Inspector extension in your browser and try to log in. Login should redirect you to and this is the correct URL

After logging in you should see Site Inspector details for your tracked page.

Please let me know if this helped.

Hi Tymek,

thanks for your help. I can’t replicate the results. Could it be because I am using Google Tag Manager instead of PIWIK Tag Manager? I am using it because it because of double tagging and I did not want to move everything over yet. Here is what the tag looks like:

The code is coming from one of your help pages. Trigger is every page that has statistics consent through cookie bot. And as I said I can see the event in the debugger view.

It is working now! I deleted my cookies and cache and finally could authorize via the extension. I now see a little overlay on the page I am checking:

For how long until it usually shows in the “heatmap” report within PIWIK? There it currently still shows the option to install the tag.

I’m happy to read you can now log in to Site Inspector!

If you want to use Piwik PRO in full, you can actually do this through GTM, just make sure you set it up according to the document: Google Tag Manager: install a container (with a tracking code) | Piwik PRO help center
This way we will be able to capture what happens on your page through GTM.
Note: make sure you set Consent Settings (Administration → your Site → Privacy) properly - to avoid double consent for tracking banners.

The data for heatmaps, clickmaps and scrollmaps should be visible approx an hour after it’s been registered in our tracker.
If you haven’t set them yet - see the How to article in our Help Center: Heatmap & clickmap tag | Piwik PRO help center

Thank you. I have implemented the container in Tag Manager with the first link you provided.The second link explains how to set it up if I were using PIWIK tag manager, but since I am using Google Tag Manager I had to setup the heatmap event with custom HTML code as screenshotted in an earlier post in this thread. I am currently not using PIWIK tag manager and consent at all, just analytics. That may or may not change in the future of course.

At this point I guess it is just waiting for an hour for the report to populate. The Site Inspector is just for debugging purposes I suppose? In any way, thanks a lot for the help.

Well done Sir, it seems you have done quite a bit of work today!

When it comes to the Site inspector - it’s not only about debugging, as Scrollmaps, Heatmaps, and Clickmaps give more marketing / UX insight on how your visitors use your page.

In case of other questions - you know where to find us :slightly_smiling_face:

Your help docs and community here is really nice, it was pleasant to implement. :slight_smile:

I know the heatmaps etc. give a great marketing insight, but was refering to the Chrome extension itself. Surely the report within PIWIK Core will populate itself without our users having installed this extension? But I am sure thats what you meant.

Yes I do, and I will recommend your plattform. Have a nice day.

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Yes, you are right that there’s no need for all users to install Site Inspector, reports will work independently in your account.
It was a pleasure Sebastian!

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hi @Sebastian_Simon
just wanted to check with you if all works well and if you see events registered in Site Inspector.

I’ve had an internal consultation with our developers and they strongly advised to change the setup a bit.
As you confirm you’ve followed the steps to use Piwik PRO through GTM basically you installed our tag on your page. This allows you to use in-product solution instead of a custom tag you shown above. Following this article: Heatmap & clickmap tag | Piwik PRO help center will simplify switch to Piwik PRO entirely if you decide so - because the whole setup will be in Piwik PRO already.

Hi @TymekGF

thanks for reaching out. I do see events under “custom events” that are labeled like “Heatmap” and I do see the heatmap in Site Inspector, but sadly the report under “Reports” has still not populated. So I guess something is wrong.

I am a bit confused as to what you’d like me to change. Is the link you posted not describing how to set up heatmaps with PIWIK Tag Manager? But I am using Google Tag Manager? Or is what you are saying that because I am using your tag I now can even use PIWIK tag manager because it is activated through that GTM tag.

Configuration wise, I would like to keep it things as straight forward as possible, meaning all tag configuration in GTM and currently only using the “Analytics” part of PIWIK Pro. But if you saying that custom HTML for heatmaps is not working and I should use a double Tag Managing solution, I will try it.

Please confirm what was meant though. :smiley:

As regards to switching entirely to PIWIK Pro (including Tag Manager and Consent) we are not quite there yet. It is definitely a possibility but for now we are exploring first.

Hi Sebastian, thanks for your answer!
As you are using our gat through GTM you can use our built-in solution (so set the pre-defined heatmap and clickmap tag within Piwik PRO Core) which will catch and populate the events you are looking for. This is simpler to implement and if needed - troubleshoot.

Feel free to use your Core account as you desire, what I’m trying to achieve here is to give you a working solution with no need to manipulate further.

I see, thank you for that @TymekGF

I will try it out and let you know the results.