recognition has a kind of delay

Hi together,

I have created a click trigger “sizeChange” that recognizes the clicks on different sizes of a product in an online shop.
The condition of the trigger is that Click Classes equals “pdp-size_value”, because the non-selected size icons have this Class.
If a size is selected the Class of the icon is “pdp-size_value pdp-active".

To the problem: after clicking on a non-selected size icon its class is changed from “pdp-size_value” to “pdp-size_value pdp-active", because it is then the active one.
Piwik Tag Manager seems to have a kind of delay and doesn´t recognize the original class name “pdp-size_value” but always just reads out “pdp-size_value pdp-active". At the end my clicks are not recognized because of this false previous Class name. That means the change of the classname on the website seems to be faster than Piwik Tag Manager can recognize the click.

Trying with Google Tag Manager, the Click Classes are recognized correctly.
Does anybody has an idea of what is going wrong here or if there is possibility of working around this supposed delay?

greetings, Tobias

Hi @TEndrich,

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Could you please try changing from

Click Classes equals "pdp-size_value"


Click Classes contains "pdp-size_value"


Hi Oliwer,
the problem then will be, if the user clicks on the just selected size icon again, the trigger will also fire.
That is a thing I want to avoid.

kind regards, Tobias

Hi Tobias,

Are you able to share with me via DM where I could see the issue?