Stop Heartbeat ping action


I want to stop Heartbeat ping action to be triggered and capture as they are consuming my monthly limit, is there way i can disable them and rest all other event works as it is


Hi Mukesh,
You can turn off heartbeats through the Piwik PRO tag, please find the Help Center article:

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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Hi @TymekGF ,

Thank you for your help articles helped me with what i wanted, just one more question regarding page view action as well is it possible than we can disable default page view action and only enable custom page view action only so that we will track only custom page views which we have created inside tag manager.


Hi Mukesh,
in this same location of Piwik PRO tag if you scroll a bit lower you will find a switch named: Track page views manually. Here’s a whole article about Piwik PRO tag setup: Piwik PRO tag (tracking code) | Piwik PRO help center

Just bare in mind that the default reports you have pre-defined base on our tags and triggers and manipulating with Piwik PRO tag may affect the quality of data presented there.

If you have any further questions - you know where to find me.

Thank you so much it worked.

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Follow up on the heartbeat ping, we disabled it:

But it’s still pinging:


No idea what’s wrong here?


Could you share the full request URL? There are many different ping events, not all are connected with heartbeat and counted towards plan limit.