Consentbanner - Languages


I would like to know how to set up the Piwik Pro Consentbanner for diffrent languages.
I´ve selected the languages to choose from in the webinterface, however if someone visits the english or spanish version, the concentbanner is still in german.
I think I have to user another tracking code snippet to load because I guess, thats where the language is defined.

Kind regards
Peter Dobrovka

The language version of the consent is selected based on the browser language (and this is derived from your OS settings), not the language version of the website. So if your OS/browser settings is set to default English, it will always choose this language.

Also, make sure that you activated the language in the Consent Manager settings:

You can try setting your browser language to Spanish and visiting the site. Here is how you can do it in Firefox (set Spanish at the top of the languages list):

Similar settings are available in Chrome and other browsers.

Thank you very much, I just changed the language in Firefox and it is working as expected :slight_smile: