Tag firing causes add to cart post data to vanish

we currently have an issue that has been on our site for probably a while now.

I have 1 trigger firing for 2 tags when something is added to cart.
One for the Piwik, the other for Google Ads.

As long as the tags are active, you can’t add something to your card by clicking the button. It only works when clicking in the field with no text or on the icon.
When you click on the button part with the font, the Post Submit data just vanishes and there is no error to be found.

I have two examples where we tested diffrent button configurations

Here the button add to cart/ in den Einkaufswagen works, even though the tags are active:

Here the button add to cart/in den Einkaufswagen doesn’t work when the tags are active:

We don’t know how to further investigate without any error messages.

Kind regards
Peter Paul Dobrovka

Hi Peter,
When it comes to trigger, it seems that it works just fine on both of the pages, however, we noticed that the events that are fired by the trigger appear as broken events in Analytics>Settings>Tracker Debugger.

And also noticed that the Goal conversion tags are not set up correctly. Please set them up while following this article: Goal conversion tag | Piwik PRO help center

Also, check how to set up goals under the following URL: Set up goals | Piwik PRO help center