The share percentage by row rathjer than columns

Hi, this is such a newbie question, but I didn’t manage to find any answers. I have made an explorer report for consent showing the consent form impression and consent types in columns and our different business units in the rows (custom dimension). By default, the system shows the percentage (share) by column, so I get what share of . e.g., consent form submissions for each business area. How can I show the percentage by row instead? I want to show the share of consent types per business unit. I know it is complex, as the first column (impressions) is almost the sum of the other columns. It seems the system is aware of this, as the first column is colored blue. Please see the attached screenshot

Hi there!

We are not really able to change the little gray percentages, but you could create a calculated metric that would show you the percentages of, let’s say, any consents in relation to impressions for a particular business unit. You can then use these custom metrics instead of the ones that are present in the screenshot.

Excellent suggestion, thanks.

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