Advanced Consent Reporting Techniques Using Piwik Pro "Calculated Metrics" and "Dashboards"

With the return of the “Community Content Spotlight,” I’m excited to share my latest blog post on using Piwik Pro for advanced consent banner analysis and addressing consent-related business questions.

Whether you use a native Piwik Pro consent banner or a custom one (both are covered where applicable), this practical guide will help you leverage Piwik Pro to analyze consent banner engagement data effectively.

In addition to guiding you through how Piwik Pro can help with various consent metrics not available out of the box, such as:

:shield: Consent Banner Non-Interaction Rate
:shield: Consent Rate of the consent banner on your website
:shield: Opt-in Rate (both full consent opt-in and at least one consent type opt-in)
:shield: Consent Decline Rate of the consent banner you’ve on your website
:shield: Number of Opt-ins (at least one consent type is given)
:shield: Number of Implied No Consent Actions

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