Totals don't add up when comparing

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are noticing discrepancies in the results of our analysis.
As you can see, the totals generated by the system are not equal to the totals manually calculated, except for Oceanea.

Notice that underneath are screen grabs, not the actual totals of individual areas.


Hi @boonenf,

The reason for the discrepancy:

  • The sum of visitors on the top is the sum of all unique visitors.
  • Visitors can have multiple sessions assigned to them
  • Visitor can have one session while being in France and other while visiting USA (or while using VPN with USA ip address)
  • Visitor with sessions from different countries will be assigned to each region

5 visitors in total

  • 1 from France
  • 1 from USA
  • 1 from Germany
  • 1 from USA and France (due to VPN for example)
  • 1 from Germany and France (due to vacations for example)

Outcome in report:
Total: 5 visitors

  • France: 3 visitors
  • USA: 2 visitors
  • Germany: 2 visitors

Math outcome:
5 != 7


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