URGENT: Reports at ZERO since April 24!


Changing WPCode’s setting for the snippet from “site wide body” back to “site wide headed” appears to have resolved the data collection/reporting issue BUT I’ve got another client where the snippet has always been served via WPCode in the “site wide body” and it has no data collection issue. That site is https://www.atbaseone.com/


I just did a deeper dive into any changes in the WP backend. As it turns out, I switched the tag serving in WPCode from header to body (which matches your installation instructions). This seems to have been the cause of the issue.


I’ve just started my weekly numbers for www.crimsoncup.com/shop.crimsoncup.com (combined into single report) and I discovered that the reports show zero activity for the WWW pages since early morning April 24.

A quick check of both tracker-debugger and session logs shows regular activity for both WWW and SHOP, but the reports show zeros for WWW since 4/24. I checked the code snippet (WordPress site, served using WPCode lit plugin) and it has not been changed. I checked the admin settings in Piwik Pro and nothing has been changed.




Hi @David_Culbertson,

Yes, we do recommend to install the Piwik PRO asynchronous container in the <body> tag.

If you’d like us to investigate the previous installation method (the one in which the container code was placed in body) then you can switch the installation method for a short period of time.

In general the official/most recommended way of adding Piwik PRO to WordPress based sites/applications is using our plugin.

Hi @anthonybartczak

  1. PM message and I will set the snippet to be served from the body.

2-A) It’s been about a year ago, but I believe that I choose the manual installation approach since your Wordpress plugin required something that most, if not all, of my clients’ WP sites

2-B) As noted above, I’ve got another client website serving the tag from the body and it has had zero problems.