Generatepress cookie banner integration

I have read the guide on integrating cookie banners but I don’t understand how to add the cookie banner to my site developed in generatepress. Since I would integrate the cookie banner via an element created specifically, does the piwikpro warning also have to appear?

Hi @tiziano06,

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If you have a script that adds the banner to the site than you can just use custom code (async) tag. If you see our consent banner you should turn on “use a custom consent form”. You can find it here: Menu → Administration → Sites & Apps → [site in question] → privacy → Consent → Use a custom consent form. If that’s not the problem you’re facing then please elaborate on what exactly is the issue.


Thanks @Oliwer_Kaczmarek, could I add the script without using Google Tag Manager but simply adding the custom js code into my site?

Yes, you can do it like that. But I didn’t recommend using Google Tag Manager rather Piwik PRO Tag Manager as that’s the tool I’m familiar with.