What does consent scope equals "no data" mean

Working on a website (SPA) where some pages are only accessible after a login wall. The loginID is captured in custom dimensions (both as session and event scoped) and also added as the userId for the account. When looking at the numbers, I can see many pages behind this login wall without a value in the custom dimensions and the userid. I would understand that if the user refuses to give consent (consent value equals -1 in the datalayer) then these values would not be captured. But how is it possible that in most cases there is no consent information whatsoever?

Hi @MartonK,

Consent decision is an event dimension and not a session one. The reason why you see so much “no data” is because you check for sessions without filtering. So what is happening is:

  1. User visits your page
  2. Gives a “full consent” (which is a consent decision event)
  3. Does other actions, which are also events

His session now contains a consent decision and other events, so the report shows his session to be both in “full consent” and in “No data”.

If you’d like to see just the consent decision per session, you can do so by adding to your report this filter:
Event type is Consent decision


Thank you, Oliwer! I’m running another thread that is related to the issue we’re facing, it still very much seems like the consent is not present in many of the sessions despite the user granted it. Pls see the other discussion here Consent information lost between main domain and subdomain

I am following up on this topic.
While I understand what “no data” means here, I dont understand why the numbers in my report differ - the sessions and the “no data” session should be the same?
Thanks for looking into it.