Consent Report Understanding

Dear Team.

I don’t understand the numbers in the Consent Report as they don’t correspond with the implementation.

We implemented the Standard Consent Form and we have only two Consent Types: Analytics and A/B Testing.

Also, I have edited the “Close” X in the top right corner so it cannot be seen as we don’t want to give the option of closing the window without consent/rejection.

So why do I see a lot of “No decisions” ?

Is there any other way of giving “no decisions” other than closing the window with the “x”?

Thanks, Susanne

Hi Susanne,
“No decision” doesn’t correspond directly to clicking “X” on a consent pop-up. The definition of that metric is basically:
no decision = all visitors - visitors who consent or reject

If somebody will visit your site and leave it without interaction with a consent pop-up then he didn’t make any decision.