Why so much "No data" for "Browser name"

Why is so much of the “Browser name” data attributed to “No data”?

44% seems way to much for “No data”?

Could you please send me a URL of the site that you are referring to?
Do not hesitate to send it to me via private message if you do not want to post the URL under this thread.

The issue concerns this site: https://nordicals.dk

I have noticed that the majority of no browser data results come from mobile users and that those mobile users came from a referrer URL (usually facebook).

A report which shows that the majority of users come from the mobile environment (Smartphone + tablet):

An example of a visitor in the tracker debugger:


So, I came to a conclusion that the fact that you keep getting the Unkown browser in your reports as well as in the tracker debugger may stem from the fact that someone came to your website through clicking a link on, for example a facebook or messenger app and in this case it would open up a unidentifiable internal facebook browser. I simulated a page view by clicking on the URL of your page through a facebook app to generate a social media app generated browser and this was the result:


All in all, it seems there are a lot of mobile users which view your page through social media apps and scroll your page through a social media app generated browser which is hard to identify.

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Thank you very much for your investigation and answer.

When I compare Piwik PRO data with GA3 data, it seems that most of the data, that makes of “No data” for browser name is “Safari (in-app)”:

If this is the case… then why is Piwik PRO not able to identify this browser, when GA3 is?

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It is true, it should not work this way. I have already contacted our developers about the issue and we are working on resolving it in the next releases. Thank you for reporting the issue and sorry for the inconvenience.

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Thank you very much for your kind and quick assistance in this matter.

Sounds great that this will be resolved in one of your next releases.