Campaign data with multiple source/medium and URL's


I noticed that in the Campaigns report, some of my FB campaigns are there twice, but with different source/medium - one with fb / ad and one with / ad.

In the Pages report, the FB campaigns are shown multible times but with different URL’s.

The UTM code/URL that I used in the campaign is:

The UTM code/URL was never changed.

There are also big differences between Visitors and Pageviews/Unique pageviews, and Bounce Rate and Page bounce rate. Why this difference?

Can you help me to understand what’s wrong and maybe fix it?

I’d apply a segment showing only the data with the incorrect Page URL (the one that repeats the full URL after ? sign). If those sessions indeed start with such URLs, we would have to check if there’s some issue with tracking, or with landing page URL configured for this campaign.