Can't connect Google Ads


When trying to connect Google Ads in settings i get the following error: A problem occurred while integrate with Google Ads. Try again later. If the problem persists, please contact the owner of the organization.

Anyone who can help me with that?


Welcome to our community!
There seems to be a bug while connecting the Google Ads integration. We will analyze the issue and implement a potential fix as soon as possible.

I will update you as soon as we find a solution.

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Hi, will it take a couple hours or a couple days you think?

Same issue here.

Any timeindication on this bugfix?


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Hi Asinior, any news on this subject?

Hi, the bugfix for this will be up in the next release, so it should be there in the span of two weeks.

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Hi Asinior. Any update?

Sorry for not replying earlier, but I was OOO for the whole week. The bugfix should be up imminently.

Let me know if you notice any issues with the integration during the next couple of days.