Google ads integration error

Hi everyone, I tried to connect my Gads to my Piwik account but I have this error message everytime.

Could someone help ?

Hi. Usually it’s caused by missing 2FA for Google Ads account. We have plans to make those errors more verbose. Let me know if it helps.

Hey, I have the same issue and have 2FA enabled.

Have tried to disable and use different 2FA solutions, deleted the app from google and all have failed unfortunately.

Hi, please provide me the name of your instance here or on priv message, that will speed up finding the issue.

Hi. I also have this issue. The 2fa on google is on. On April 12, I linked my account without any problems, and now want to add the new account, and got this error.

Hi, the bug is not resolved yet but the workaround was found during the analysis of the problem.

  1. Please open Google Ads integration settings
  2. Click on “Add an account” button
  3. Wait for the window to load and then close it.
  4. Try again to activate the account that had an error (click 3 dots at the accounts lists and “Activate account”)

I have the same problem.
I managed to connect a first Piwik Pro account but I have the error message when I want to connect another Piwik Pro account to the same Google Ads account…

  1. Try again to activate the account that had an error (click 3 dots at the accounts lists and “Activate account”)

=> I don’t get any accounts in the list. This is the screen I get after the error and when I click “add an account” I get the same error screen.

Hi, same problem here. Is there any solution available? Linking the first website in an account is no problem but every other attempt to link other websites to Google Adwords results in the following error " Unable to integrate accounts".

Same for me, the first website the integration worked just fine. For the second website with our Google Ads MCC login, it didn’t. So they are 2 different Google Ads accounts but with the same login.

I removed the integration in the first website and now I can connect it to the second website.

For agencies setting up Piwik for their clients, this is definitely a huge issue.


now also got this issue with 2 clients - both have 2FA active.

Please enable / fix this, cause they don’t want to use tracking templates and just use the import via the API :slight_smile:

Any updates on this please?

We were presenting Piwik as an alternative for GA4 to our clients, with the option to see their G Ads data.

Same problem here, can’t link Piwik with GAds because of this same error.

Can’t even use the workaround since there is no 3dots at the account lists.

@Jarek , @kuba could you help us solving this?


The priority of the issue is bumped up. The team is working on it. Most likely it will require a bigger update in the integration so it may take a few weeks from now to make the integration stable.

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Ok is there any workaround until then?
or just for now tell them to please use the G-Ads Interface until it’s fixed?

Plus could we then please get a banner in Piwik where your stating that your working on it :slight_smile:

I have the same issue with multiple accounts unable to integrate…

Have you even started working on a solution?

Hi, we’re working on the solution. I will post an update with the expected release date once it’s scheduled.

The release is planned for August 14th 16th. Since it’s a more extensive operation final release date can be affected by some circumstances.

Until then unfortunately the integration can be unstable in terms of enabling it and pulling the data.

Heads up for the release, all configured Google Ads integrations will be disconnected and require reauthorization. Appropriate information will be sent upfront via email and in-app widget.

EDIT: minor update, the release is moved to Aug 16th.

Hi @Jarek,

we’re also facing Google Ads “re-authorization” issues, although our error message looks different:


Is this related to the known issue? Since Aug 16 has passed, I was hoping that our issue will be fixed too.

It must be a setup other than the public cloud. If that’s a private cloud then the issue is unrelated to the root cause of most of the issues outlined in that thread.

Contacted on priv.