Google ads connection failing

Getting this (as admin of site)


Hi there!

We are currently in the process of replacing our token for Google Ads and Google Search Console and that should fix your issue.

Thxs. Any timeframe on this?

The release is planned for August 14th. Since it’s a more extensive operation final release date can be affected by some circumstances.

Until then unfortunately the integration can be unstable in terms of enabling it and pulling the data.

Heads up for the release, all configured Google Ads integrations will be disconnected and require reauthorization. Appropriate information will be sent upfront via email and in-app widget.

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Hi there, we’re also struggling to get the Google Ads account “re-authorized” although our error message looks different:

Can you confirm that the new release will fix this too? Since Aug 16 has passed, I’m confused.


Sorry for the late reply, I must have missed the notification about your post :sweat_smile:

Did you manage to sign in and reauthorize the account? Or is this error still appearing?