Respect visitors privacy

Respect visitors privacy is unchecked but tags are showing a “Non tracking tag” status. Is there any other setting i’m missing to change it to “Tracking tag”?

Hi :slight_smile: What about the consent type?

Hi Kuba, was set to “Does not require consent”. This should be analytics?


If your goal is to fire the tag only after consent was given - then yes. And that will mark the tag as “tracking” one.

A bit confused here :upside_down_face: If no consent is being asked, how should the basic settings look like in order to (auto) track all traffic? #thxs

Consent popup is enabled by default for all new sites (so, I assumed that it’s your current setup). If it’s disabled, consent type settings in tags are simply ignored (tag fires always). “Tracking tag” label is just a simple indicator connected with the “Consent type” setting.

Getting back to the point - what exactly would you like to achieve with your setup?

Roger that. Consent popup is disabled but for some reason only little bit of the actual traffic is being reported and can’t find out why :confused:

I assume that the tracking codes are installed correctly and tags fire? You can check that with the use of tag manager debugger.

Have you checked the tracker debugger feature? Maybe there are some excluded or broken events? If that’s not the case, I’d start with analyzing the actual reports and checking what kind of data is missing. Maybe the code isn’t installed on some URLs. Maybe there are some javascript errors (which you can also track with Piwik PRO).