Consent Manager: Agree buttons hidden on iPhone devices

I’m not sure if this is a bug or it’s something I’m doing wrong.
But I’ve noticed on several iPhone devices that the “agree” buttons are hidden.
Examples include:

  • iPhone 8 (iOS 13 Safari)
  • iPhone XS Max (iOS 12)

Using BrowserStack the pattern seems to be iOS 12-13. I couldn’t find any styling related options that could solve this issue so I had to mend it by overriding the CSS on “ppms_agree_button_wrapper” class during runtime in the application.

Thanks for the report. Passing it to the product team to investigate.

@Jonathan_Hellqvist could you share more details about this setup? What is the exact website which you referring to?

I’m afraid I can’t disclose any website details publicly due them being a client.

The problem seems to show up when I use “Consent form as a bottom bar”

Solved the issue by switching to “Consent form as a large popup”.