Consent: no data since move to Analytics module


Since the “Insights” report moved from the Consent module to Analytics, I can see no data after April 13th (in the old report). Is that a data problem or could something go wrong with the collection of consent data on the website? The dialog works finde (as fas as I can see that) and data still gets collected on the site.


if you are using the standard consent window, consent insights should be available only in Analytics (new) → Reports → Consent. Consent Insights available in Consent Manager → Insights were not removed from the product yet to give access to the historical data and to give users with custom consent form time to update their setup.

yes, they should. But there is nothing to see. I did not change anything on the implementation of the consent manager / tracking, so I have to suspect an individual problem with my instance since this cannot be the same for all other users without you knowing that.

Ok, now I see. After decoding the endpoint POST payload I presume that you do tracking via server-side proxy. New consent stats rely heavily on the availability of the standard Piwik PRO tag.

As you can see, after examining your site with the debugger, there is a bunch of “hidden” tags that do the job.

There are 2 ways to go:

  • reenabling Piwik PRO tag (even with disabled “page views tracking”)
  • reimplementing these hidden tags and proxying custom events via the server side component

The second option may be risky, since in the near future we plan to introduce dedicated “Consent events” that will replace the custom events that are in use now.

Hope that clarifies. :slight_smile:

Ah… OK. Then I´ll stick with the missing data for a while :wink: