Default Language - A more intuitive approach

My 10 cents about the ‘default’ language option and UX.
(I read the answer here Consentbanner - Languages)

Currently, if I open a website in a ‘clean’ (incognito) browser I get English per default, even though I’ve selected another language as ‘default’ in the Piwik Tool. (My browsers are set to English). I did expect the selected ‘default’ language.

However, it works as described in the help center. :slight_smile:
The browser language is the real default.

I have a suggestion for another approach that is more user-friendly both for us setting up Piwik and for our visitors:

  • As you have a ‘default language’ option this should be default at all times, no matter what the browser language is. This is likely to be the language the webpage is mainly written for.

  • If you make it possible to not select a ‘default language’, it could fall back to browser language. (could be useful for multilingual sites).

  • If there is no ‘default’ and it isn’t possible to resolve the browser language (or the language doesn’t exist as an option), I would prefer English as the last fallback option as this is the most popular language online. (OR - if possible - if the language list could be sorted, the number 1 language on the list).

Alternatively, we should not be able to set a ‘default’ language. It could be called something else then, like ‘fallback’ language. Which - to me - doesn’t add the same kind of value to the setting.

Thanks for all the feedback. This default has a bit different meaning right now and it’s more a default set of texts if one wants to add a new language. But points taken and redirected to the product teams.

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