Consent form Languages - inconsistent behaviour

In the default Consent Form a selection of languages is shown with English as the first and already selected choice (at least per default on my desktop).

If I choose the 2nd form “Form with one consent type.”, the selected language is “Language 1”.
Not very pretty. :slight_smile:

Can I fix this myself or is this a bug for the Piwik developers?

Hi, could you attach a screenshot showing the issue?


Thanks. Our team is currently working on a fix which should be deployed in the coming days. For the time being, you can switch to the other form type.

@kuba. Fyi. In this current solution, I’ve added the Piwik plugin for a WordPress site. However, I might I have seen this too, when I tested a subsite for a hand coded PHP site.

It’s a global problem. Thanks for the report and now it’s our turn to fix it. :slight_smile:

@kuba. Thanks. :slight_smile: Then I’ll ignore the issue for now, but keep the 2nd content form as this will save me time with double translations.

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Hi. The issue has been resolved.

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Works like a charm :slight_smile: