Goal doesn't work with "URL is exactly" condition

Please share a screenshot with your config and a screenshot form tracker debugger showing the page view with URL that should match the goal condition. I’ll try to reproduce this case.

Here is the config screenshot,

Here’s the page that matches the goal condition: https://www.clambakeco.com/thank-you-for-your-request

Hi. Your URL configured as goal matching criteria is missing the www.. :slight_smile: It should work once you fix it.

it actually started to work apparently, however, it doesn’t really measure goals accurately, for instance, on march 18th I had 6 conversions according to google analytics and it is confirmed by another asset as well.
On Piwik I have 3. Hence it still doesn’t work as expected, please advise.

What’s the goal configuration in GA? Maybe you used other condition such as contains instead of equals. Can you share the page URL report for the same date range? I’d like to check if those page views were not tracked at all, or simply not marked as goal conversions.

Nope, it is exactly the same in GA see screenshot,

So something must be wrong within Piwik.

What about the page URL report for this specific day? I mean Reports → Behaviour → Pages. Same for Google Analytics.

Are the metrics off also for the following days?

yes they are off on the other days as well. Starting from march 17th.

How am I supposed to share that here?

I was thinking about the report that shows all page views, or page views on this particular URL.

This should tell us if it’s a problem with tracking in general, or just with recognizing those URLs as goals.

Could you scroll down or filter this view to show only https://www.clambakeco.com/thank-you-for-your-request?

You have to limit date range to a single day to be able to compare that data. Either way, I assume that there are 3 unique page views, telling us that the goal configuration is correct.

If you see that the number is off vs. google, I’d create a segment showing only those sessions that converted this goal. Based on that, you can compare which data was tracked in GA and wasn’t tracked in Piwik PRO. I can also link the following article: The causes of data discrepancies between analytics platforms - Piwik PRO

I’d create a segment showing only those sessions that converted this goal.

How can I do that?
I already compared it as shown above, and the issue is that Piwik pro is not accurate, I was testing it to try and make a switch from GA4 which is rather cumbersome in terms of conversion tracking, but if this is the result, let’s stick to the “old” ways. Please let me know if I’m missing something.

Hi. Here’s the goal definition:

When it comes to discrepancies, it’s hard to say anything without knowing the exact setup. There are plenty of users that see more data tracked in Piwik PRO compared to GA. All possible reasons for discrepancies in both ways are listed in the linked article.

There’s one more quick check that you could do. You can navigate to the Tracker debugger (available from Analytics → Settings) to check if there are any excluded or broken events logged in the last few hours.

The exact setup is the same as GA 3 as shown earlier, so the conversions number should be the same.
We are not talking about visits but actual conversions, which is a vital metric and should be accurate.
I tried to set that segment not sure it is correct though.

I can see that as of now, there is a 50% gap between actual conversions and the ones tracked by Piwik pro, if you can’t track conversions accurately can you please share what is this for?

Hi @tancredi,

it’s not a problem with tracking conversions. It’s most likely a problem with your current tracking setup that isn’t sending all the page views correctly. There might be multiple reasons for that,. For instance, over the last 7 days your account generated 855 javascript errors. Each of those errors could potentially be a blocking one that stopped execution of our analytics tracking script. Even the mentioned thank you page generates an error in browser’s console:


Ok, can you please share exactly how that error is blocking your tracking script?

Can you also share an example of large website with 0 js errors that is used in production?

It seems that your dashboard throws errors as well.

Are we sure that tag manager settings are correct?