Cookie Banner Joomla

We mainly use Joomla for our websites. We also integrate several services. For example: Facebook Pixel, LinkedIn … and Piwik Pro. Is there a good tool to set these plugins active / inactive with a cookie banner? What do you use for this? GDPR conformity is important (marketing cookies, analysis cookies, technically necessary)
Thank you for your help!

Hi @truestudios

You can install those tools on Joomla websites with Piwik PRO Tag Manager and this way they are automatically covered by our Consent Manager.

To add Piwik PRO Tag Manager in Joomla, you can do two things:
• edit your template index.php file to add our snippet after the opening tag
• or, you can use plugins that add snippets of code to the website

This way, Joomla will launch Piwik PRO and based on what the visitors select in the Piwik PRO consent form (Analytics, Remarketing categories), those tools like LinkedIn would be turned on or off.
In Tag Manager, we provide templates for both Facebook Pixel and LinkedIn.

Thanks for the detailed answer. In the meantime I found the tag manager and configured it. I’m totally thrilled - finally a great solution for a GDPR-compliant cookie banner! I integrated Piwik with a module position in Joomla. That works wonderfully.