2 cookies banner shown

We recommend Piwik PRO for our clients

However, some of them reports that they can’t get ride of the cookie banner by Piwik PRO (it seems mandatory, they can’t untick the box in the settings), and as they also use GA aside Piwik Pro, it makes 2 cookies banner appear at the same time!

How can we fix this? As Piwik PRO is RGPD compliant, can we just not show any cookie notice for Piwik PRO tracking? If not, how can we merge the 2 cookies banner in 1 while using Piwik PRO & GA ?

Best regards

Hi Julien,

Thanks for recommending Piwik PRO to your customers. That’s very much appreciated.

We turn on our consent banner by default (privacy by default) but you can easily turn it off in Menu > Administration > select your Site / app > Privacy > disable Ask visitor for consent. Do you mean that doesn’t work for a subset of your clients? Send over the account name and the URL (in a DM) and we will take a look.

You can also check out how to integrate most popular consent managers with Piwik PRO, so that you use e.g. Cookiebot but still get consent statistics to Piwik PRO Analytics. We work on many more guides like the one I linked. A general description on working with third party consent managers is also available here.

Let me know if this is of any help to you!

Thanks for your answer!

That worked, so problem solved :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot,