"Country" of the cookies

I have on my site a cookie policy that automatically publishes cookie data collected by the integrated cookie sweeper. The sweeper has picked up _pk_id# and _pk_ses# and identified the cookie “country” as the USA. Is this country info accurate? If not, what is the correct info?

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It is odd that it identifies these cookies’ country of origin as the US. In this case, it is a question that should be directed to the cookie sweeper why it recognizes these Piwik PRO cookies this way.

Is that because PiwikPro do not know themselves?

I am not sure how this cookiscanner identifies cookies based on their location. One of the geolocations from which these cookies may come from countries in which we are based (Contact | Piwik PRO Analytics Suite) or a country of a data center. I was wondering what cookie scanner you used, was it Termly by any chance? If so, I also scanned a website with these cookiescanner and it told me that _pk_id# and _pk_ses# were from Sweden:

One of my colleagues also scanned their website with the same cookie scanner and the cookiescanner identified these cookies’ country of origin as Turkey.

It really in this case depends on how the cookiescanner labels us and we are not responsible on how it does that. So, if you want to know why these cookies are shown the way they are, then please contact the cookiescanner you used for more details.

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Yes, it is Termly. Their scanner has other issues, namely, picking up stuff that are actually not cookies.

I’m not interested in why they are identifying the COO as displayed because knowing it serves no benefit to me. I’m only interested in the accuracy of the information. From what you said, I’m understanding that the COO cannot be pinned down because it could be any number of locations, based on the data centres or the company’s office location(s). Is that correct?

I am not sure if there is even such a definition as cookies’ country of origin, so I do not think that this information is accurate whatsoever. If I were to guess then what also could matter here is that these cookies’ country of origin could be identified based on the geolocation of the visitor. There could be various conditions which influence that, but in this regard I do not know how different cookiescanners are able to identify the country of origin of a certain cookie.

If you are interested what is stored for visitors in these cookies then here is an article which highlights that: Cookies created for visitors by Piwik PRO | Data and cookies | Piwik PRO help center


Are you guys using CDNs that may be serving the cookies from a location most ‘suitable’ for the user/site? (passing on the question from Termly)

By default we don’t. The Core account infrastructure is in a data center in Germany.

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