Debug mode won't open


the debug mode on my website won’t open. I followed those steps like explained by Piwik but it still wont work.

this is the website: Trading-Signale, Trader-Ausbildung, TradingView Indikatoren
Also the customized events won’t show up in the Tracker-Debugger.

Thank you in advance.

I don’t see Google Tag Manager installed on your website.


we have currently problems with plugins and deactivated everything not really important.

we will come back to you as soon everything works again.

Thank you

Karsten Kagels


we just activated Piwik again. Tracking of the Tags is still not working, and also the Debug mode doesn’t open, do you know why?
Also, there are spam sites shown in the report and analytics. Is there a way to exclude those?

Thank you in advance


there is no tag manager code on your website - only the regular tracking code without using the tag manager. So there simply is nothing to debug.

Vielen Dank für deine Antwort, die uns allerdings nicht weiterhilft.

Warum haben wir gestern nicht Piwik komplett installiert? Wir haben doch extra GTM und GA runter genommen, damit wir nur mit Piwik arbeiten können (welches wir dann natürlich komplett installieren müssen.)

Most likely you have only Analytics installed. Please follow this guide to install a full suite.

thank you for your reply. Is there a way to install it, without using GTM?

Yes, simply follow this guide.