Debug window not loading

Hello, we are trying out the capabilities of Piwik coming from tag manager and GA4. Some triggers could not be imported, so I wanted to use the debugger and identify other ways of tracking the important events.
The problem is that the debugger does not show on this website: Eerlijk advies bij de verkoop van je woning? – BVM.

After some research, I assume that the problem is the redirect. When I open the debug window, it automatically redirects to a specific language version, thus removing the stg_debug. Is there a way to resolve this problem? A lot of our clients have this redirect, which would be an issue.


Edit: While typing this I got an idea and changed the URL in the Piwik Pro account settings to the Eerlijk advies bij de verkoop van je woning? – BVM url instead of the domain and now it works.

I do hope that Piwik still tracks all languages.