Definition question - how is bounce rate counted?

First post here so not sure where to categorize this one.

A manager asked me about the definition of bounce and exit rates. In your definition page you define it like this:
Bounce rate is the percentage of sessions during which visitors left your website after viewing only one page. But there’s a slight nuance to how the bounce is counted.

I am puzzled by “after viewing only one page”. The page I am looking at, can only be accessed by logging in. So there must have been other pages viewed before reaching this one. How does that work?

Hi Jos! Here is a more detailed definition of a bounce.

Do I understand correctly that you’re not sure how it’s possible that there are bounces for pages that are available only after logging in? There may be many reasons. For instance, somebody could visit this page after 30 min of inactivity (new session in our analytics backend would be created), still having active session in your system (no login screen, standard session length longer than 30 mins).

You can analyze it case by case by using the Session log or Tracker debugger features.