Disable Piwik PRO Deanonymization tag


Any instructions on how to disable Piwik Pro Deanonymization tag? I didn’t implement the tag through Tag Manager but it shows up in the Overview of Debug mode, and currently fires on all pages instead of when visitors accept to cookie. I have a custom cookie consent solution on my website so modifying the code is needed in order for the tag to fire correctly I guess?

Any recommendations are much appreciated!


Consent privacy settings manage whether the deanonymization tag fires or not. It always fires when ‘Collect data using a 30-minute cookie’ or ‘Collect data without using cookies’ is selected, but has no effect until the user accepts consent (when accepts, tag allows to deanonymize some data from that particular session).

When ‘Don’t collect data’ is selected, the deanonymization tag doesn’t fire.

I hope you find this article helpful.


Hi Maciej,

Thanks for your response! It does make things clearer to me as I have ‘Collect data without using cookies’ enabled in privacy settings :slight_smile: I have now used the command ‘trackAgreeToAllClick’ and ‘setComplianceSettings’ to track the ‘Accept cookie’ button and to save visitor’s consent choices from the consent form. Are those steps good enough to ensure the Deanonymization tag to work properly, or do you think if there are any extra steps we should follow?

Is there a way to check how the deanonymization works before and after consent is given?

Thank you so much for your help!


I am not sure if the solution described by you is sufficient. You might find some useful information in this article.

There is now way to verify how the deanonymization works before and after consent is given.