Error 403 Forbidden

Hello, I’m having a trouble accessing my website since installing code (script) on my website :


You don’t have permission to access this resource.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

My website is :

I’ve installed wordpress plugin and got this error and desactivated it. I insert the script in the tag but still the same error.

Can you help me please ?

Many thanks

Help help please, I’m still stuck with this…

I really want this to work

This seems to be unrelated issue to the plugin (especially that you deactivated it). Please check with your service provider where you host WordPress.

Yes but no. When I deactivated the plugin, the site went back online. Not working now since I added the script. If I remove it (I will do this now, I only let everything that way so that someone didn’t just walk through and say that the site is ok), everything will be back to normal.

So how do I add the script (plugin or not) and keep my site working please?

If Piwik PRO WordPress plugin in some reasons is not working properly with your site, you can add script manually using a theme editor from the Administration Screens > Appearance > Editor menu in WordPress Admin, according to this instruction: Install a container (with a tracking code) • Piwik PRO help center
or use other editing files method described in: Editing Files |

That’s exactly what I did, let me simplify this :slight_smile:

With Piwik WP Plugin : 403 Error
Without Piwik WP Plugin : Site ok

With script added manually : 403 Error
Without script : site ok

Maybe I’m missing something but I take my time to do things as precisely as possible…

That’s why I thought there’s something wrong or maybe a plugin on my site causing interference with Piwik Pro Script ?

I’ll try deactivating all plugins and reactivate 1 by 1 and I’ll come here for an update, thanks for your time.