Unable to connect it to wordpress multisite

Dear community,

I’m unable to connect Piwik Pro to my wordpress multisite. I used the plugin piwik pro and added the correct URL and container ID too. My theme has wp_body_open() function. It works well with individual wordpress install and not with the multisite install. Any idea and suggestion would be helpful. Thanks and regards

link of the website is https://red-ma.eu/

We tested the plugin on single and multisite installations as well, so everything should work properly. Please note that the plugin needs to be configured per each site in multisite individually, so that you can add different tracking codes per site.

Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately, it is not working! I have activated the plugin individually only and tried various possibilities including adding the code manually. Could you please tell me what am I missing or is there any workaround? I have provided the proper site ID and Container URL(works well in an Independent site) in the plugin. But Piwik dashboard shows no data including tracking debugger. Kindly, help me with your suggestion!

You can try placing the code manually. It was mentioned here.