Event triggering but no reports

We’ve setup form submission tracking for the form on rca.be/contact. When I do tests in the debug mode (with page reload prevent on) it seems to trigger. See screenshot attached.

However, when consulting the data of form submissions in Drupal, the goal should have measured several submissions in the past weeks. The report shows 0 goal conversions. My colleague Ruben found a broken event in the tracker debugger aswell. How can we fix this setup?

This is the goal: Analytics

From what I see you have wrong goal ID, you can find the correct goal ID here:

Hi Oliwer. Where or for what would I need that Goal ID?
I don’t use in my custom event setup nor is it important for my trigger.

To use a goal, you need to refer to it in your setup by using its goal ID. Here is an article about how to set up a goal conversion tag Goal conversion tag | Piwik PRO help center.

Hi Oliwer. Think I found the issue. The custom event that we had configured had the event category set to ‘contact’ whilst the Goal was looking for a custom event with event category ‘rca_contact’. Stupid mistake. :slight_smile: