Feature Request: Referral Exclusions for payment gateways

I’m running a couple of websites for a non profit. We accept donations through a payment provider. In Google Analytics we’re using referral exclusions to make sure that users that are redirected to our website after their payment are not tracked as a direct entry but are tracked with the originating source (referral, campaign etc.).

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I can’t find any way to achieve the same in Piwik PRO. Is that correct? Would be great if this could be developed!

Does the checkout take more than 30 mins? Normally, new visit shouldn’t be forced even if there’s a new referrer (that’s the default setting that can be changed in Site’s settings).

Or do you mean that the original referrer gets updated after returning to the site after payment?

Hey @kuba, seems like my feature request was a bit premature. :wink: I just tested it with a tagged link and the conversion is indeed still attributed to the originating referrer:

Feel free to close or delete this topic, issue is resolved!

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