Iframed Calendar Getting Credit for Conversions


Make an appointment to shop at Worthington Jewelers has a Calendly form in an iFrame. Upon submission, the form redirects to Thank you for Scheduling an Appointment! - Worthington Jewelers: The Best Jewelry Store in Columbus, OH.

In GA3, I excluded referrals from calendly.com. This worked well.

I know that Piwik Pro does not have a referral exclusion. I also know that if a conversion happens within 30 minutes, that Piwik Pro supposedly credits the original source/medium. (Conversions allocated to the payment provider). However, Piwik Pro is allocating almost all of the goal conversions to Calendly.com but I’m fairly certain that nearly every goal conversion happens within 30 minutes.

In looking at the session logs attached to the completed goals, the most common conversion path is a referred visit from Calendly.com that enters the site on the thank you page.

Is there something that I can change the Piwik Pro settings to make this happen less?

Hi @David_Culbertson,

Could I ask you for the Visitor ID so I can take a look into a changelog? Of course you can send it to me on private message

Private message sent.

We solved the issue by adding calendly domain to the list of sites in Administration basic info list. This way it is excluded from refferals.