Filter questions

In GA’s filter option. It has below filter types

  1. lower case e.g. lower case campaign name
  2. advanced e.g. Field A → Extract A, Field B → Extract B, and Output To → Constructor
  3. search and replace
  4. exclude/include events by inserting Filter Pattern

How can I achieve the same effect in Piwik Pro?

Hi. :slight_smile:

  1. Just use case insensitive constraint.
  2. Could you share an example or elaborate on that?
  3. I’d need bit more details, but dimension value grouping should make it possible to produce reports with much cleaner values.
  4. That has to be done on the tracking level (with the use of Tag Manager).
  1. where can I find case insensitive constraint to lower case all utm?
  2. for example, I would like include hostname in page (Request URI). To achieve this, I Extract A as hostname (.), and extract B request URI (.), and constructor requested URI $A1$B1. How can I do this in piwik?
  3. Can you let me know how to do this in details?
  1. I thought that you’re thinking about segmentation / filtering.

If you want to simply make the campaign names look better in the final report, I guess it’s not possible. If there are only few values, you can use dimension value grouping as well, but most likely it’s not a reliable solution.

  1. This is impossible for now without doing it on the tracking level in tag manager. I see what you were referring to. Since we don’t support views yet, we don’t have the ability to filter data before it reaches reporting layer.

  1. Not really, since it depends on your exact setup (how you track those events at the moment).