Use filters to exclude "No data"

I am combining the Pages report with a secondary custom dimension. The event dimension includes many “No data” events. I tried to use the quick filter “is not” and “does not contain” = “No data” but this does not remove these events.
(Perhaps understandably, since these fields technically in the backend probably are empty in the Piwik database?)

Instead, I’ve resorted to regex so that only events with at least one letter are included:

So my question is whether there is a more intuitive, user-friendly way to exclude “No data” events, since not everyone knows regex.

And if there isn’t any way right now, I would request a feature to be able to filter for empty or “No data” fields, and/or that “is not = Not data” could work.

Sure, setting a filter is not and keep the edit field empty does the job.

Let me know if it helps your case

Kind regards,

Haha, brilliantly simple, of course! :slight_smile: Thank you!