Google Ads connection error Bad Request

Tried to reconnect Google Ads integration after update.
In the process after filling in the account MMC email there should be a new screen to select the matching account but the error appears ’ Bad Request (400)'.
Tried different browsers Firefox and Chrome and disabled VPN but so result so far.
Also tried other Piwik accounts but same issue, also accounts that not have been connected yet.

Hi, could you please provide us with a URL of your website? It can be either here under the thread or you can send it to me via private message.

The error comes from the Google’s side, could you please check if everything is alright on their side?

Same issue here. Using MCC mail and getting Bad Request(400). Normally no issues linking to other services using that account.

Thank you both for reporting the issue. After a brief analysis with my colleagues, it turned out that the issue is in fact on our side. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and we have already started working on resolving the issue. There will be more updates on the progress soon.

Same issue here! Any update?

Hi, we have fixed the issue. Could you please check if everything is alright on your side?

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Yes, it is working now.

Thank you for your help.