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I have set up the default Google Ads Remarketing. But I can see that the segment on Google Ads is not growing as expected.

I need to be sure that this retarget every visitor (in respect to GDPR), and not only those who entered the site via Google Ads.

Can someone confirm this?

Please check if the Google Ads remarketing tag is fired correctly by going into the debug mode and if your consent type on the remarketing tag is set to remarketing. Also, check if your CMP settings are set according to your preferences.

Here is a handy article on setting up the Google Ads remarketing tag: Google Ads Remarketing tag | Piwik PRO help center

When it comes to the GDPR compliance of the setup (retargeting every visitor), unfortunately I will not be able to advise you on that. You will have to contact your legal department and then adjust the setup to your privacy compliance needs.

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Everything seems to work.

My concern is if the Piwik’s default Google Ads remarketing tag is collecting every visits, or only those who come from ads.

In our help center article Google Ads Remarketing tag | Piwik PRO help center it is stated that:

Once you install the code to your website, people visiting your website will be automatically added to your remarketing lists based on the rules you’ve set.

Which means that every visit is going to be retargeted should the All page views trigger be set for the remarketing tag.

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