What constitutes a click in heatmapping vs. a scroll?

One of our campaign landing pages has a lot of traffic from mobile devices. We see high click counts in regions that are mostly text. I’m trying to determine if some of those clicks are the result of users planting there thumb on the screen to initiate a scroll.

Great question about click in heat mapping v/s scrolls, I will let the Piwik team answer that.
However, if you have a very high click in regions that are not clickable then that tells me

  1. Either there is a UX issue that makes the user click in those regions to scroll or do other activities.
  2. Users are expecting the text to be clickable.
  3. Rage clicks - users are just frustrated and clicking randomly.

If possible conduct an a/b text by moving the text to another area, that will shed some more light. You can also use a session recording tool to get more insights. There are free tools that can do that. Let me know if you need a recommendation.

Hi @denisedavis2003,

Can it be that ppl scroll and stop scrolling by clicking the screen randomly?

It is a known method, scroll the screen and stop scrolling by clicking the screen when you need the scrolling to stop.

Could it be the same behavior that is causing your data to show up like that?


Hi @denisedavis2003! What I checked (on iPhone), is that selecting text produces heatmap event in Safari, but does not in Chrome. So such events may be coming from users selecting parts of the text. You can check such a scenario on your data. By using Custom Event Name dimension in regular Explorer report you can identify those items and break them down using Browser Name and Device Type to narrow down from which type of devices those events may be coming from. It may be also case for other browsers, but I haven’t checked more. E.g. for some markets Samsung Browser is pretty popular because of being default on many devices.

@rmastop I also checked your hypothesis with tapping to stop scrolling - for iPhone it doesn’t track heatmap event neither on Chrome or Safari :relieved: