The heat map is probably not correct

Hi folks,
I’m posting this topic because in some way the heat map available based on the site inspector plugin for Chrome doesn’t present the correct data.

On the page, the Piwik has been integrated. There are a couple of custom events. Some of them were emitted when the user clicked the button to confirm the form and change the page. So there is not possible to change step 1 to step 2 (for the form) if you didn’t click on the button.

I’m a bit confused why there are a lot of events in which the user clicked on the button or filled the field from the “next” page but the heat map presents only x % for all events. Should I configure the heat map independent of the custom events?

Hi Daniel, can you let us know what’s the page address?

Hi, @TymekGF yes sure.
Page is available here:

Thanks @Daniel, let me check with our devs and I’ll get back to you.

Hi @Daniel ,
We are uncertain about debugging your case, can you show us around where the problem lays?
Ideally, if you can show us the screenshots (important: with URL and date range you pick).

What was noticed is that these buttons are under the same paths and these are the same CSS classes under this same URL, which makes it hard to distinguish.
The suggestion I received was to implement the ID attributes to the buttons and/or forms, which would give you clarity on the data you collect.

Our recommendation is to check with the ID attributes first, if you’d like to share the screenshots with your implementation and the outcome however - you are very welcome.


So you have right that we haven’t a unique ID for the forms/button because it was not necessary for general. The application is based on REACT is a normal SPA application when the steps are based on the app state, not the URL. It means that we don’t need a separate URL for a different step.

If it’s required to collect the data correctly (heat maps etc) then we will need to develop it. - Please confirm.

What I can provide ASAP during last month: (01.09 - now) we had Visitors: 285, Sessions
370, Page views: 1,214

And regarding the heat map (aggregated 2 different pages: Ihr direktes Angebot für die Anschlussfinanzierung and Ihr direktes Angebot für die Anschlussfinanzierung) following the clicks on the button (next page) it was

For /angebot - 15
for /termin - 6

Why this is not possible? Because when the process ends application is generating the email sent to the correct receivers and we receive a lot of data. (I’ll be able to provide the count later)

Also, the user is not able to visit step 2 because it didn’t click on step 1.
The minimum of steps is 3.

So let’s summarize WE had 370 sessions and 285 visitors but only 15+6 clicks. It doesn’t look correct.
More details I’ll able to provide later.

Other statistics/facts:

  • for period 01.09 - now we received min 50 emails with the files generated from the forms. It means that the users should click min 50 times on (first next button) on /angebot and /temin

but the heat map says:
For /angebot - 15
For /termin - 6

Why minimum? Because there is more than one step always. It means that the new user can stay on some step and return to the form (starting on the beginning later) or leave the form. For the left obviously, we will not receive the file.
I’m not familiar with Piwik dashboard to calculate correctly the custom events emitted by users and presented in “Session log”. Is it any different way to group the custom events by some name/type and count?

Next question:
Is it the correct name of the event? It has been added by heatmap.

Thanks, Daniel! Let me consult it now. I’ll get back to you.

Hi @Daniel
Our developers reviewed your case and identified the flaw. We will now need a bit of time to handle the fix development.
I will keep you posted. Thank you for flagging the issue!

Great :wink:
Please let me inform when you will have some news :slight_smile:

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Hi @TymekGF. How is it going with the update? Could you approximate when I can expect some info from your side?

Hi @Daniel ,
I don’t have the result yet, I’ll get back til the end of the week with an estimation.

hi @Daniel,
It will be handled within the next sprint, I’ll keep you posted.

hi @Daniel
just wanted you to know that the fix is going to be rolled out early next week, so please verify around next Wednesday if you’ll see the volumes you expect.