Heatmap & scrollmap with GTM


I would like to know of it is possible to unlock the heatmap and scrollmap report when using GTM as TMS ?


Hi Lisa,

To see heatmaps and scrollmaps in site inspector you need to send custom events with:

  • Event Category: Heatmap events
  • Event Action: Click


  • Event Category: built-in page scroll
  • Event Action: 25% (or other % that you’d like to track)

You will not see them though in heatmap report in Analytics module as this report is just a reminder to use site inspector to see the data.
Here is a guide on that: About the site inspector for Chrome | Piwik PRO help center
In case you’d like to see the numbers in Analytics module, you can find them in custom events report.


Hi Oliwer !

Thanks for your answer.

Actually I have a custom event for scroll for exemple :

How can I see it in the site inspector ?

For the moment here is what I have :

How can my custom event in GTM be connected to heatmap, clickmap and scrollmap in site inspector ?


Like I mentioned, category and action needs to be set to values:

  • Category: built-in page scroll
  • Action: 25% (or other % that you’d like to track, but value cannot be a floating point number e.g. 25.5%)

While in your case, category is scroll. Also name should be empty, and you are using Page URL.
(Note: Each custom event contains information about a page URL so you don’t need to include it in custom event settings.)

Here is article about setting up manual scroll tracking: How can I track page scrolls (manual method)? | Piwik PRO help center


Hi Oliwer,

It works for the scroll map thanks !

I implemented this event for the heatmap yesterday morning but I still didn’t see nothing with the site inspector. Is this something wrong ?


I believe you can just follow this guide How can I collect data for heatmaps and clickmaps? (custom code) | Piwik PRO help center in which there will be script you just copy and paste. All steps should be similar to what is in GTM. So creating a custom code tag with the script from guide and triggering this script on all page views (or the page views you want heatmaps to work on)