Heatmaps for mobile sessions

Hi. I was looking at the heatmap in the Chrome site inspector on a desktop computer - and I was wondering how (or if) activity from mobile sessions are shown on the heatmap. Can it do this?


Hi Thomas, welcome to our Community!
When it comes to the heatmaps - these show all traffic that is captured, regardless the device your page is displayed on. If you’d like to see it broken to mobile / desktop types - I strongly encourage you to submit a suggestion in the Request a feature & Roadmap section.
Please also consider that your page may use some specific code to adapt to deliver a mobile friendly website which may require some additional tags to capture actions in mobile mode.
Currently, the Site inspector is dedicated to desktop browsing.

Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

Hi @TymekGF. Thanks for the answer!
Just so I understand it correctly - the traffic is captured on heatmaps for all devices, but the site inspector only shows desktop data. Is the heatmap data for mobile not shown at all?

Hi Thomas,
I wasn’t clear enough so let me try differently.
The idea behind the Site inspector was to show you where your visitors navigate on the page and what are the hot places they click.
This tool displays all the traffic that was captured, this includes desktop and mobile-view traffic. There is no toggle/switch that would allow you to see heatmaps & clickmaps for mobile view and desktop view separately, especially that it would require switching the page to mobile view and applying the mapping captured in mobile view only (which Site inspector is not supporting now).

Hope this time I made it better, let me know if this is still not clear enough.