Problem with heat map integration...

Hi there, i have currently been using your piwik pro guide for implementing Heat Maps.

However it is not displaying any data and when i use debug mode the extension is saying that there is no data and i can’t turn it on.

I Have implemented everything through Google tag manager prior to this, so your guide is the only time i have used your tag manager.

Hi Simon!

  1. A basic question but still worth asking :sweat_smile: - did you click the Load overlays button?
  2. When did you implement the heatmap tag? There’s usually a 1-2 hour delay before you can see the data in the Piwik PRO Site inspector.
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  1. Yes
  2. 1 week ago approx

I might be overseeing something obvious, but can’t figure it out…

Hi Simon!

Could you share with me:

  • URL of the site on which the heatmap was implemented
  • your Piwik PRO instance name

in a private message? This way I’ll be able to debug the issue :slight_smile:.

i have sent it :slight_smile:

Although unsure what an instance name is

Hi! I have the same issue. Could you please help me? @anthonybartczak

Hi @Bahar_Sunnetci,

Sure thing. Could you send me the website URL? You can send it here or in a private message.

The original issue was connected to the method of deploying Piwik PRO on your website. Using the Piwik PRO Analytics template in Google Tag Manager doesn’t add the Piwik PRO Tag Manager with all of the tag templates (e.g. heatmaps).

It can be the reason. I’ll change and try, thanks a lot!! @anthonybartczak

Hi, I have a related problem… It looks like for Simon.
Since we, while testing Piwik Pro also run Matomo, we needed to add the two extra tags “deanonymizing” and “PiwikCustomTag” instead of Piwik PRO…
Could that be the problem for us?

Hi @Kerstin_Dovren,

Could you send me the site URL? It can be either here or in a private message.