Problem with heat map integration...

Hi there, i have currently been using your piwik pro guide for implementing Heat Maps.

However it is not displaying any data and when i use debug mode the extension is saying that there is no data and i can’t turn it on.

I Have implemented everything through Google tag manager prior to this, so your guide is the only time i have used your tag manager.

Hi Simon!

  1. A basic question but still worth asking :sweat_smile: - did you click the Load overlays button?
  2. When did you implement the heatmap tag? There’s usually a 1-2 hour delay before you can see the data in the Piwik PRO Site inspector.
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  1. Yes
  2. 1 week ago approx

I might be overseeing something obvious, but can’t figure it out…

Hi Simon!

Could you share with me:

  • URL of the site on which the heatmap was implemented
  • your Piwik PRO instance name

in a private message? This way I’ll be able to debug the issue :slight_smile:.

i have sent it :slight_smile:

Although unsure what an instance name is