Heatmap not working for app

Hi there,

we are using Piwik for our website and our app.
We’d also like to use the Heatmap feature for both applications. I’ve set them up the same way and for the website, it works great, but the Site inspector doesn’t show any data for the app.

Our app is a single page application, and we are already using this “Piwik PRO Library for Angular” on our app.
In the customer events report I see an entry for Heatmap events, but when I try to access the Site inspector with our app, I get this:
" Sorry, this site or app can’t use this extension yet. Possible reasons:
• You’ve declined or ignored an analytics consent on this site or app. Change your consent decision and re-open the extension. Read more

• You haven’t installed our container (with a tracking code) yet. Read more.

• You’re using Piwik PRO version below 16.0.0. Contact us at support@piwik.pro, and we’ll set up this extension for you manually."

Can you please help me, so that I’m able to see the heatmap for our app?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Hi Barbara!

Did you check if any of the points from the message you recieved apply to your case?