Is there such a thing as a segment id (needed for Supermetrics connector)?

I am currently experimenting with the Supermetric connector in Google Spreadsheets to extract data from Piwik. However, I encountered some problems trying to work with segments here. Supermetrics can add a segment id to the query but nowhere in Piwik did I something corresponding. Is there such a thing as a segment id and where can I find it?

As a workaround I have already tried to recreate the segments in Supermetrics by entering the criteria from the segments as filter dimensions. However, this is very cumbersome and only produced meaningful numbers in 50% of the cases.

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Do you mean using the segment from the UI to filter the data without specifying all the filter criteria?

Yes. Our platform has different subdivisions such as the content website, the community, the job portal. In the UI, I have segments for each of these subdivisions and I would like to use them in the query when extracting data to Spreadsheets.

I just double checked it and there’s no such option. I’ll forward your feedback to the product team.

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