Make wildcards possible in "Site or app address" field (*

Hello together,

I have the problem that a clients website has thousands of subdomains, additionally some of them continuously changing. Thus, it is not possible to fill all of them into the configuration field “Site or app address”.

However, it would be great to be able to do this, because then referral handling could be more exact and make possible more detailed insights.

Thus, could you please make possible to also fill wildcards i.e. * into this configuration field?


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Hi @thomasgerstmann,

Sure, I will write a feature request for that. Also, if you disable below option in Administration => Data collection settings, every site where you place tracking container, the tracking requests will be sent.

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Hi @Adam,

thank you very much!

The option “Collect data only from known sites” was already configured like shown in your screenshot.

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