Tracking does not work and requests to Piwik fail

I get a different problem… I can see the library loading (I can even run the commands by opening the console) but all the requests it sends to Piwik fail in a funny way:

If this is the first time I’m loading Piwik, the cookie consent form appears and by confirming it I get two requests that seem to work (http response: 200, but nothing shows in the dashboard)

Then after giving the consent it simply does not make any further requests (can’t put a screen because I’m a noob here ):

When I try to push the pageview via the console I get this error (response 400):
pushing an event with this command
_paq.push(['trackEvent','Button',' ', ' '])

I’m very confused as to why this happens. Does anyone have an idea of how to troubleshoot iit? I’ve used Matomo and GA before but Piwik is my first time.

Any help is appreciated!


Hi @satstack,

Can you share the website url or your Piwik PRO account name?