Privacy settings embed link not opening up any modal or interfac

I put the embed code for the Privacy settings embed on the bottom of the privacy policy page. But it seems bugged. I press the settings button but nothing happens. No relevant errors in console.

The site URL and page in question is : Personvernerklæring | A2N Digitalbyrå.

Button element on bottom of page named “Instillinger”.

I couldn’t find another topic on here that was the same issue so posting hoping someone knows a fix. The stack is Webflow.

Mentioned page does not have Piwik PRO Tag Manager enabled. Please check your GTM triggers and it should fix the problem.

Hey thanks for the quick reply! Did you mean the Piwik Core tag that I should put right after opening? Yeah I was missing that but I added it now and it didnt seem to do anything.

Or are you talking about something else?

Ok, now it’s fine.

This widget works only with the built-in consent form. If you go with a custom one (and I see it’s your current setup), you have to code the “reopen” logic yourself.

Actually I just used a fix from a previous post where you answered that you can just input this button element that will re-open the banner.

Open bottom bar
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